Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a few titles to get things rolling:

"100 Girls", starring Katherine Heigl, features a scene in which two guys are stripped (and indeed humiliated) after losing a game of fussball. Plenty of laughter and comments about small weenies. (DL link will follow). In "Now And Then", starring among others Christina Ricci, there's a scene in which four girls sneak up on a group of boys skinnydipping. The girls end up stealing the boys' clothes. Plenty of embarrassment and even comments about penis size. (DL link will follow, meanwhile here's a youtube link:


The scene is towards the end of the segment. PS Thanks to Shyboy for bringing this scene to my attention!) Finally, in an episode of the British drama series "Skins" there's a scene in which a birthday boy is caught in his birthday suit by his mother and sisters - who laugh at him and comment on his small package. (DL link will follow)

Stay tuned for more...

Monday, March 16, 2009

S & H Scenes Database

The idea here is to put together a comprehensive list of scenes from mainstream movies which feature stripping and humiliation. (NOTE: I'll be using some terms here, like S & H, CFNM and CMNF, which might puzzle you if you've accidentally stumbled across this blog - but this really is a specialist's corner, not to say a little on-line notepad of my own, so I'm not going to take any measures to make this stuff comprehensible to outsiders - who in all probability ain't too interested in the first place). The ultimate goal is to locate all scenes on the list and make them available for download (from Rapidshare, Megaupload or similar filesharing hosts). Hopefully many enthusiasts will contribute to the list, by and by, making it a true and useful "database" of sorts.

Some rules, first: As far as I'm concerned the interest of S & H lies mainly in the latter phenomenon - the humiliation, that is. Scenes featuring nudity - even in a CFNM or CMNF setting - but no embarrassment or humiliation, are NOT interesting here. The nudity may be actual or implied (the latter is for obvious reasons the most common in mainstream movies), and I'll even allow for scenes in which the humiliated party is not fully naked (i.e. is portrayed in his or her underwear) as long as said party is embarrassed or humiliated. I don't care for violence, neither in real life nor in a fantasy setting, so I won't allow scenes featuring torture, severe physical violence or otherwise extreme abuse: There's a difference between S & H and BDSM, so to speak: The subject should be humiliated - but he or she shouldn't be begging for their lives. NOTE: Scenes of males stripping females as a prelude to a rape are fairly common in mainstream films, but such scenes are of NO interest to me. I despise rapists - even on the silver screen. Apart from that, anything goes. Most scenes I've come across fit into one of the following categories, but I'm sure there are more - so don't let these distract you if you have a scene which doesn't fit:

A) The subject(s) is (are) stripped against his/her/their will by a member or members of the opposite sex. The most common type of A) would be depantsing (or a variation, such as someone snatching the towel from the subject), but it could also be a more lengthy process, say a group of females forcefully stripping a male of all his clothes.

B) The subject(s) is (are) forced to strip by a member or members of the opposite sex.

C) The subject(s) is (are) caught naked by a member or members of the opposite sex, typically in the shower, the locker room or in a skinnydipping scenario - but the circumstances could be anything, really.

D) The subject(s) is (are) tricked into appearing naked in front of a member or members of the opposite sex.

E) The subject(s) is (are) spied on by a member or members of the opposite sex. This scenario may often be followed by C), but even if it isn't I'll allow such scenes if there is an element of humiliation involved: Say, some females spy on a naked male, whilst giggling (laughing) or even making explicit comments about him which would count as humiliating had he heard them.

Right, that's about it. Let's get on with it.